A Mini Urban Galapagos Archipelago in St. Louis???

This project with ties to the St. Louis Zoo is too cool for words.  Check out the video!  This sort of thinking – getting kids in nature to see the science – is truly exciting stuff!

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St. Louis Zoo Welcomes Baby Tawny Frogmouth

Another baby at the St. Louis Zoo!  And another successful pairing thanks to an AZA Species Survival Plan.  Why do you reckon this bird is called a tawny frogmouth?  Yep, you guessed it!  Yum yum…frogs are on this bird’s menu.

Learn more about this fascinating animal by visiting its page on the St. Louis Zoo website.

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Abai Has Been Busy

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – A record of five Somali wild ass foals were born between Aug. 19 and Oct. 15 at the Saint Louis Zoo. The births are a first for two of their moms.

The father of all five foals is Abai, who came from the Basel Zoo in 2005. Nine of Abai’s offspring have been born at the St. Louis zoo.

There are currently only 51 Somali wild asses in North America, and 11 of them are at the Saint Louis Zoo.

Read all about the foals here.

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Western Black Rhino Extinct

There was sad news this week, as the International Union for Conservation of Nature declared the western black rhino extinct.

This unfortunate news reiterates the importance of Species Survival Plans, which are utilized by the St. Louis Zoo and other AZA institutions.  Click here to learn more about the Species Survival Plan Program.  To find out how you can support rhino conservation and fight poaching, visit rhinos.org.

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Kali the Polar Bear

Kali was orphaned after an Alaskan hunter killed his mother; the hunter, realizing he had killed a nursing mother, tracked down Kali and took him in.  Kali eventually found his way to the Buffalo Zoo (by way of Alaska Zoo) and may soon call St. Louis home.

To learn more about Kali’s current situation, check out this article by Lindsay Toler of the Riverfront Times.

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A View from a Different Zoo: Brookfield Baby Gorilla

Koola, an 18 year old western lowland gorilla who resides at the Brookfield Zoo, has given birth to a baby girl.  The baby’s father, Jojo, was sent from Lincoln Park Zoo to Brookfield last year based on a suggestion from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Gorilla Species’ Survival Plan.  You may also remember the new baby’s grandma, Binti Jua, who was named Newsweek’s Hero of the Year for saving a human child in 1996.

You can see these gorillas at Brookfield’s Tropic Zoo: Africa exhibit.


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A View From a Different Zoo: Innovative Chimps at LPZ

Fascinating!  From the Chicago Tribune:

“If you are a student of innovation, here is one lesson you can draw from a troop of chimpanzees at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo: There’s a payoff to trying unexpected things, even when the current state of affairs isn’t too bad.

The strongest chimps don’t innovate. Creative problem solving has come from the weakest with the least to lose. That’s a takeaway so far from a 10-month study designed to explore the role of innate curiosity in chimps.

“The little guy’s getting ahead, which is nice,” said research biologist Lydia Hopper.

The study’s structure has hewed remarkably to the way top business schools teach entrepreneurship.”

Check out the full story here.

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St. Louis Zoo Alum a New Dad

Fezzik, a giraffe born at the St. Louis Zoo, is a new dad.  Zoo Miami put its newest giraffe, who does not have a name yet, on exhibit yesterday.  At birth, the baby boy weighed 152 pounds and stood close to six feet tall.  Fezzik arrived at Zoo Miami in 1998.

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New St. Louis Zoo Polar Bear Exhibit Animation

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A View from A Different Zoo: R.I.P. Keo



Sad news… Keo, a male chimp at the Lincoln Park Zoo, had to be euthanized due to quality of life issues. Keo, 55, was the oldest male chimp living at a North American zoo.

Read more here


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